Le Soie Cosmetics

The whole world is our playground so our craftsmen search out new components for our cosmetics from around the world. Through Antwerp in Belgium, one of the busiest ports in the world, arrive some of the most exotic ingredients in the world – camel milk, fruit extracts, aromatic oils – which we then combine into what you now can experience by visiting one of our boutiques.

In an age of cheap labour, international outsourcing and generally cutting corners, we still manufacture our cosmetics where they originated from – Belgium. We care about our products just as we care about our customers. We do not have exclusive relationships with anyone, because everybody deserves good personal care. LeSoie designs cosmetics for both women and men, kids and adults – regardless of your age we have something to nourish your body and make you feel special. Elegant, handmade, in harmony with nature and the environment.

Exclusive ingredients

Long famous in the Middle East and North African area for their anti-aging properties, the natural constituents of horse milk and camel milk – not found in other beauty products and cosmetics – also serve to combat dryness of the skin.

Natural fragrances

Oud and Mustic are two of the Arabian essences born in the desert of the East with their sweet, woody, aromatic and complex scent.

Halal quality

Top quality in everything we do within our supply chain from planting the tree up to the moment you have the product in your hand.

Personalized products

Add your own name and logo to personal care products that carry your identity and your taste in their fragrance, colour, and luxurious feel.

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